Degraves Espresso, Melbourne City

23-25 Degraves Street

I’ll be honest with you ~ I’ve only been here twice.

But i truly believe that twice was enough to merit a review. (..once is actually enough!)

I’ve only ever purchased coffee’s here, (or had them purchased for me!) so i can only shed some light on the caffeine intake that i’ve experienced. And I’m telling you, it’s good. The one difference between the coffee i order & what you may order is, i’m a bit of a ‘soy milk’ type of person. It’s not because the apparent cool people aka hipsters of Melbourne sip it & i want in on that little clique’, it’s purely because i got sick & soy was the only good replacement for dairy.

That aside, the soy latte’s they serve here are very, very good. Smooth to the palate & not too soy beany. The lattes are always served at just the right temperature too~ which can only stem from a well oiled barista. The coffee itself is perfection.

Definitely give this place a visit, you wont regret it!

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