Sensory Lab, Melbourne City

297 Little Collins Street

Again, this is a little cafe that i’ve only ever purchased coffee from as i while away an afternoon trawling through Melbourne’s extensive laneways. (Or David Jones, which is right next door.)

It’s the perfect afternoon slump ‘pick-me-up.’ I always seem to find my way back to Sensory Lab. The staff are friendly & when they call out my name they always tell me to ‘Have a nice day’ as i head off again, takeaway cup in hand. It’s cute. It’s a pretty cool little cafe & there are always people here sipping & snacking on sweet little delights. Next time, i promise i will actually sit down to enjoy my coffee & also a cake!

Speaking of coffee, my soy latte always delivers. It’s always served at the exact temperature i need it so i can gulp it down without wasting any more valuable moments waiting for it to cool so i don’t burn my tongue! The good thing about Sensory Lab, apart from checking out different brewing methods, is you can actually buy the utensils then & there so you can recreate the taste sensation when you get home.

Seriously, this is one of my favourite coffee stops… if not my all time favourite. That is a big call, i know, but i’m telling you each time i’ve been here for a quick takeaway coffee, the team at Sensory Lab have never let me down.

Do me a favour & get yourselves here pronto & grab a coffee! 

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