The Corner Store, Mentone

1 Swanston Street (Note: Mentone) 

I went here on a recommendation from another cafe. That seems like a bit of a contradiction does it not? Well, here’s the story.. actually, i don’t have time for stories. Bottom line, i was chatting to the manager of another cafe (Parkers Cafe, which i will review shortly) & he told me he was opening 2 new foodie places! I like to think they were being opened purely for my reviewing & food sampling ways! Having said all of that, i’ve been here a few times & don’t mind making the drive down to Mentone on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The Corner Store is quite large, which i like. It’s not one big open, wide expansive space. They’ve broken up the place with a rope wall. It sounds tacky but for some reason it seems to work. Bench seats up one end are well suited for larger groups & make for a relaxing experience when you turn up with 8 friends without a reservation. The staff are more than happy to help you out when you come bustling in from the street!  

Im partial to the olde’ sandwich. So i favour the following two filled turkish breads (i don’t recommend you order them in the one sitting, they are BIG. Keep that in mind!):

-House corned beef, piccalilli, tomato, lettuce, gruyere cheese + seeded mustard aioli.
-Roast free range chicken with smashed avocado, Spanish onion, tomato, cheese, lettuce + garlic aioli
(do yourself a favour & add a side of these bad boys- Crispy Chips with paprika salt + aioli. You wont regret it.)

For something light & fresh, the Calamari is a good option. The meal size is just right & is served with delicious aioli. Get into it!

As you may know, from my previous entry about Degraves Espresso, I’m a soy latte person. The coffee at The Corner Store is quite good, although in my mind it doesn’t measure up to Degraves. I have to say that though.. i am a snob after all! :)

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