Pod Espresso, Brighton

305 Bay Street (NOTE: Brighton)

FB: http://www.facebook.com/podespressocafe

Over the last couple of years, i have dropped in for lunch at Pod Espresso quite a few times. It’s changed management over this period & i must confess i had more of a liking towards the old manager & staff~ they seemed to take more of a personal interest & welcomed me by my name each time i came here.

These days the walls are plastered with posters advertising upcoming gigs, festivals & the like. The tables & chairs inside have been rearranged, which makes it feel roomier than it has in the past. The staff are quite friendly.. but we are not on a first name basis just yet. Mostly, they seem to leave you be & let you flick through the newspaper without interruption.

That aside, they do a mean Chicken Ciabatta. It’s always cooked perfectly. A sprinkling of green salad leaves, crushed avocado & some mayo.’ Throw in some tomato, ask for it to be lightly toasted & you have yourself a delicious, fulfilling lunch.

As for the coffee~ I’ve never had a terrible soy coffee here. The barista’s know what they’re doing, take pride in it & they do it well. Mochas are also high up on my ‘Must Order’ list.

Also, give the Mediterranean Vegetable Ciabatta a try.

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