The European Cafe, Melbourne City

161 Spring Street

I love this place. I really do.

If you can actually squeeze through the miniature double door entrance then you are already onto a winner. This place is cool & has a relaxed atmosphere. And as cliche’ as this may sound, it has a very European vibe to it. The calibre of people you should expect to find here are a more mature kind than who you find at your local buslting cafe. People come here to take it easy, enjoy life & chat into the wee hours of the morning. I should know because on many occasion i have found myself leaving this establishment long into the night. Having said that though, recently i discovered that they now have a closing time, usually around midnight~ how dare they! No more 2:00am finishes here for me.

I can highly recommend the following snacks & drinks:

~Coffee, ofcourse! You can’t have a European Cafe serving bad coffee now can you? And trust me, they don’t.
~ Chocolate covered almonds.
~ Chocolate salty caramel, peanuts & sour cream ice cream. It’s a pudding of sorts. The best sort! The sour cream ice cream is an aquired taste. The first time i had it, it took me a few bites to get used to the flavour but once i had broken through the threshold, i really liked it. Mixed with the other flavours on the plate made for a party sensation in my mouth. Definitely give it a try!

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