The Meatball & Wine Bar, Melbourne City

135 Flinders Lane 

Melbourne foodies rejoice! A new place to mingle, new flavours to discover & all with a New York vibe.

Welcome to The Meatball & Wine bar. 

This place is brand spanking new! So new that it still smells like freshly polished floorboards when you walk in. It’s a popular little joint too~ if you try walking in off the street on a Friday or Saturday night, don’t be too surprised when you get put on a waiting list. My wait was approximately 1 hour. Yes, it’s THAT busy here.

The menu is easy to navigate & you don’t get confused by snooty sounding dishes. Price wise, i think it’s very reasonable. The food & service was fantastic. I like waiters who have a joke with you & like to have some fun.

Not knowing what to order & with the kitchen soon to close, our waiter suggested the Chef send out their choice of dishes for us. We had a selection of meatballs which included the following:

~ Pork w White sauce
~ Prawn, it was very spicy! One word: chili. It was  nice but possibly a little too much chili for my soft palate.
~ Beef w Red sauce. How could anyone ever go passed the humble beef meatball?
Throw in a couple of these salads, Orange/Fennel/Honey Walnuts and Caprese & you will find yourself gagging for more & anticipating your next visit, even before you’ve looked at dessert.

Alas, i didn’t have dessert. But i have been told the Whoopie Mac’s are to die for. A ball of ice cream served in-between a macaroon. The choice of flavours is up to you~ the hardest decision will be what flavours to choose.

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