Main St Cafe, Mordialloc

503-505 Main Street

Mordialloc has been needing a new cafe for years now & thanks to some savvy business men, i give you Main Street Cafe. (These are the same savvy business men who own The Corner Store: )

If you venture here on a weekend, you will find it to be bustling & high chances that you’ll need to wait for a table. Don’t let that deter you though. This is where all the cool cats hang out. It’s young, fresh & vibrant, so you know it’s worth it.

It’s always busy & full of people. Whether they’ve come here for an Eggs Benedict breakfast (after a rather large night before), the deliciously evil Lemon Tart with a Soy Sunday latte (these are double the size of your average) or if they’re just here to share some wine with a friend, you will always feel welcome. The staff are lovely & in my personal experience, i have found they are very conscientious of their well paying customers.

Price guide~ reasonable given the food quality.

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