Hells Kitchen, Melbourne City

20A Centre Place


Again, this is one of those cool little hipster bars/cafes that has taken over Melbourne. I am definitely not complaining about that either, i love that there are so many dfferent spots where you can meet with friends for after work drinks & snacks. And all at reasonable prices too.

The decor is cool. Think warm, red, earthy tones & paisley patterned walls teamed with floorboards. It’s cosy & you can easily find a little corner to shmooze in. The last time i was here, i was meeting up with some friends & i got there early. I made myself awkwardly comfortable at the bar & tried not to feel too self conscious of the fact i was at a bar alone. The bartenders were really nice & friendly to me which made me feel right at home until my friends arrived.

I can 100% highly reccomend the meatballs & turkish bread with dips & why not accompany all of that with a whisky sour?

Thank me later.

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