Chin Chin Restaurant, Melbourne/City

125 Flinders Lane

If you are actually lucky enough to get a table at Chin Chin, congratulations! As well as that, you will become the envy of all your friends & people passing by wishing they were inside this coveted restaurant.

I’ve attempted to get into Chin Chin a countless number of times. And finally, FINALLY i got in last night.. after a 1 hour wait. This is one of those ‘hot’ new Melbournian restaurants that don’t actually take bookings, which i personally think adds to the overall excitement & hype of the place~ it’s just sheer luck that will get you in. The key to getting a table is to get there early, put your name on a waiting list & wait for the wonderfully helpful staff to send you a text saying your table is now ready. How do you let the time pass? Well conveniently located downstairs is a fantastic little bar called ‘GoGo.’ Grab yourself a cocktail from the ridiculously hot bartender with a full beard, take a seat & lap up the atmosphere.. and have a little perve while you’re at it.

Once you get into Chin Chin, the menu is expansive & confusing, is there such a thing as too many options? Our waitress was lovely & helpful. She gave us some excellent suggestions. We ended up getting 2 entrée’s & 2 mains to share. They were: Kingfish Sashimi & Pork Roll-ups followed by Crispy Barramundi & Pork Green Apple Salad & the Pumpkin & Tofu Yellow Curry.

The sashimi is to die for. I know that if/when I come back here, I will definitely get the sashimi again. I’ve been to Japan & have eaten the freshest of fresh sashimi straight from a market & I can tell you this was definitely up to standard. Melt in your mouth. The Pork Roll-ups were tasty too but the accompanying Plum sauce was a little too sweet for my liking.

Our mains were also fresh & delicious. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Barramundi but the pork was exquisite. So juicy & very tender. As for the Yellow curry.. I think we had been a little spoilt with our previous dishes & as such, the curry seemed like ‘Just a curry.’ But having said that, is was no less than amazing!

We literally couldn’t stomach dessert because we were full to the brim. Next time!Chin Chin on Urbanspoon