Captains of Industry, Melbourne/City

Level 1, 2 Somerset Place

I stumbled across Captains of Industry by accident with a friend one day. We were exploring the little laneways that Melbourne is famous for. Theres no big sign yelling out ‘CAFE’ here. If we didn’t actually venture down Somerset Place, we would never know what we could have potentially missed out on. I made a point of wanting to come back here & reviewing it.

The vibe here was welcoming & although the staff are lovely & attentive, you are left to your own accord which, personally, i really like. It meant i was able to sit quietly in my own little world & take in my warehouse like surroundings. There are leather belts, bags & boxing gloves on display here. It’s very much vintage Melbourne. You do get the odd hipster who, after watching Masterchef, think they know all about culinary delights & will use their social media power to diss a place. Generally, it’s a more balanced audience that frequents this spot.

I was very impressed. I got served the most delicious meal & it was exaclty what i needed on a warm autumn day. Beetroot puree, onions which are pickled onsite, sprinklings of chervil, thinly sliced radish, asparagus, Meredith goats cheese & to top it off, 2 of the most perfect slow cooked eggs i have ever had the pleasure of devouring & they were seasoned to perfection. Add a couple of slices of bread to mop it all up & you have a very satisfying, light lunch. My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

As i was about to pack up & head home for the day, i was offered to try a ‘Baked Custard Tart.’ I would be a fool to turn that down! The pastry was a little burnt but nonetheless, the custard centre was still very tasty & made up for that. 

Their website claims they want to offer the ‘Good, true & beautiful..’ thats exactly what i got here.
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